About Juggy

My name is Juggy Sidhu, I am the leading Indian body transformation expert based in the UK and the founder of the Lean Indian Academy TM.

I have an unrivalled passion for success and I am driven to help my clients realise their potential every day. I transform my online clients across the world with bespoke training and nutrition plans to work within their schedules, lifestyles, nutritional preferences and training abilities.

I want every client to enjoy their health and fitness journey, from the training you perform to the food you consume. If you are struggling to stick to a bland and boring diet, balancing family or social occasions and find it difficult to know where to start with your goal, it is time to experience a new way to lose weight, build confidence and create a sustainable lifestyle that will keep you fit and healthy.


I have always been a keen sports player and excelled in football through my formative years and teens. I found my passion for physique development at the age of 14 as a method to improve my performance on the pitch. Soon my passion for bodybuilding took centre stage! My fascination for the impact of nutrition on health and wellbeing grew after my father was diagnosed with late onset diabetes. I became acutely aware of the importance of managing chronic stress, nutritional intake, and creating sustainable diets for active people to improve fat loss and muscle development.

I pursued further education in the subject and graduated in Exercise, Nutrition and Health (BSc with Hons) in 2011, focusing heavily on Performance Nutrition in my final year. I applied the knowledge from my course to work with sports teams and MMA athletes in improving their performance and recovery. It soon became apparent to me that my skills would be best utilised in one to one client delivery. I undertook my personal training courses and began to work as a full time personal trainer. Since then I have helped an array of clients from all walks of life, backgrounds and goals to transform their mindset, body and lifestyle!

Motivation and Goals

I am inspired by the clients I work with daily. I see people grow in confidence, improve their body shape, and surpass expectations of what they are capable of. I will educate all my clients on how to integrate a healthier lifestyle, make positive food choices and introduce exercise into day to day life to build a foundation of health, happiness and confidence! The sense of fulfilment I feel when a client is progressing is unparalleled.

Promise To You

My desire to help you achieve your goals is completely contagious. Whether it’s a one to one session or a skype chat, I guarantee you will feel invigorated and motivated to attain your goals!

I am acutely aware of how different my clients journeys and backgrounds are. I will always ensure that every programme is tailored and delivered to your specific requirements and goals, with your best interests at heart. Following a comprehensive consultation process, we can develop plans that work! I have the absolute belief that every individual is capable of achieving a great transformation and with my professional training, experience and constant support you WILL reach your goal!

About Your Journey

I have years of experience and 100’s of client transformations to refer to (see a selection on here). Whether you are looking to improve your body shape, create a healthy lifestyle to live by, develop your physique or grow in confidence, I WILL get you to your goal. I have developed a knowledge base that grows daily and I have years of experience to call upon from transforming my own body and my clients. I understand the importance of a career, socialising and family commitments, therefore I will ensure your transformation goals do not get in the way of living your life!

Why Me

My motivation is witnessing the progression of each and every one of my clients. From the small day to day achievements of eating the right meals, training with the correct form and intensity all the way to a full body transformation. Each step counts in the overall journey and observing these changes in clients spur me on! I am one of very few online coaches who will take the time to go through a comprehensive consultation procedure before developing programmes that are bespoke to you. I also offer one to one support and unrivalled levels of communication throughout the period of time we work together to ensure you hold clarity with every aspect of your plan and continue to progress week on week. The level of knowledge, experience, support, motivation and communication is unmatched!

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