Transforming your body through training is no easy task if you are just starting out on your journey.

I have worked with hundreds of clients all over the world and I always hear a similar pattern when asking about their history with training and trying to transform!

While the initial results seems to be amazing, with increases in lean muscle, reductions in body fat and high motivation to achieve a desired goal, many people struggle to achieve their long term goals.

I often hear of injuries preventing training, time restraints becoming an issue or a lack of motivation once the rate of progress slows down.

I am sure you will agree with me that this can be incredibly frustrating especially if you have experienced this personally.

There is a potential reason for all of the obstacles you face… The APPROACH may have been wrong!

My client Parm really struggled with his approach before starting.  He used the 10 tips to improve his body composition.

Let me explain! Here is part 2 of the 10 methods I use to help my clients maximise their training to achieve incredible results!

6. Are you training alone?

It is entirely possible to train alone and see incredible results! The ability to do so relies heavily on your mindset and your ability to push yourself in a safe and controlled manner.

On heavier sets you may have to ask for a spot from those around you and hope to with all your might that they can either assist you with enough support or resist the urge to do your set for you and claim that it was all you!!!

There are times that you may have be able to fail safely, for example setting the squat rack up appropriately to walk away from the machine when necessary or use a smith machine or resistance machine!

If you can get a training partner, with similar training values to you, who turn up, support you and be as consistent as you, then you are onto a winner!

7. Become time efficient

If you truly want to develop a lean physique then you must keep distractions in the gym to a minimum.

To avoid becoming one of those people who have been training for years but still not changed, then use this tool!

Time you rest periods!

Set a time to work towards between sets to achieve optimal results!

Imagine not scrolling through social media, taking snapchats of yourself training or talking about last nights game with a fellow gym goer and using that time to optimally recover before tackling the next exercise! 

8.Warm up!

If you are going into the gym after a long day at work or first thing in the morning after your 8 hour sleep, one way to enhance your session is to warm up!

This could mean 5 mins on the X trainer before starting. Lead this into some dynamic stretching and finish off the warm up period by working on some activation movements such as lower trap activation on upper body day or glute activations on lower!

9.Never waste a set!

I often ask my clients to ensure when they record their working sets in their training logs. Only write down your true working sets!

Don’t cheat yourself with wasted sets, if the exercise didn’t challenge you enough then don’t log it!

One way to ensure this occurs is to use warm up sets. Pick a lighter weight and prime your body by performing the exercises for 6-8 reps. Then get closer to your previous working set weight and perform 4-6 reps. If you start your set on the heaviest weight you performed last time, and it feels easy… then up the weight and start again!

10.Action plan!

For everything else you do in life you have an action plan! Whether it is at work, at home with the family or your education, you create a strategy to adhere to!

If you pre plan your training sessions you can develop consistency, you can see where you are progressing and what areas of your body you need to work on further! You become more efficient with your time and you can focus on moving through the plan with accuracy! You don’t waste time with indecision or excessive rest times, you can become an absolute machine in the gym!

Developing a training plan should take into account your current level, you should have the exercise order, rep ranges to aim for, set goals, tempo for each exercise and the rest times.

Use this article to start building your own personalised programme, (CLICK HERE).

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds