33lbs & 40cm Down… Shall I tell you 4 things we did?

When we see these numbers, they are pretty amazing, the time frame he did it in was also pretty amazing and he is primed to put on some muscles mass and really take the transformation to a new level, which is clear to see.

But what doesn’t the picture of his results show you?

The excitement that comes with progress…

The happiness that comes with results…

The joy that comes with taking action and being supported in every step you take…

The confidence that comes with a getting rid of those ill fitting baggy clothes that you resented buying in the first place and fitting into the ones that compliment you and you feel comfortable in?

Where does this new energy, confidence and happiness then go?

It has positive influences on relationships, family, friends, careers and beyond.

Once you start the wheels in motion to personally develop, progress towards a goal and challenge yourself, ultimately you don’t know what doors your opening or opportunities you are creating!

I know you are probably thinking, great, good on him, now tell me what he did!

So here goes:

Mindset management and perspective

If you come into a process and all you have ever experienced in previous attempts is a struggle to succeed and achieve the results you wanted to achieve, then the ability to manage the negative voices in your mind and the belief system that you will struggle or fail is incredibly important.

The only way to overcome this is through action and fortunately our client used the plans, protocols, advice and support to overcome the constant doubts in his mind that he would struggle to see progress.

There were a number of times where the weight on the scale didn’t move as much as he thought he would, but after over a decade of coaching experience and education, it was easy to establish why that may have been and give him the appropriate information and the mental support to stay strong… inevitably leading to better adherence and ultimately the result he desired!

Specific Goal Setting

Throughout the journey our client was given clear goals to work towards. They came in the form of specific targets around nutrition, exercise goals and lifestyle changes.

When entering a journey of this magnitude, it is doesn’t pay to amble through with no clear intentions set from one phase to the next. Inevitably this approach will lead to days, weeks and months passing by without taking action.

In every other aspect of your life, particularly work, you are given clear targets to hit, if you don’t hit them you are asked what did you need more support with, what did education can help you do better and if you continually fall short of targets you tend to not go far. So with clear intentions set, action points to get there and education to support through obstacles, there is nothing left to do but move forward and progress!

Programming Professionally

It is so important to meet a client where they are currently at. It makes no sense to get a client who struggles to walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, do sprint based intervals at their maximum capacity because an article online said HIIT is better for fat loss!

Health is inevitably better for fat loss and this is where we started Aron’s journey.

Assessing his health data from digestion through to his cardiovascular health, we were able to determine a plan of action for his nutritional intake, exercise program and lifestyle measures to support his sleep and stress management.

The four phases Aron completed with us involved:

  • Improving his cardiovascular fitness, highlighting structural imbalances and improving movement patters.
  • Providing a greater challenge to cardiovascular fitness to improve recovery times between exercises. Adding in more intensity to training.
  • Increasing the amount of work to be completed within a session which positively impacted his strength, endurance and recovery from heavier lifting.
  • Focusing more on strength that would allow him to lift heavier weights, recover quickly and build lean mass before focusing specifically on muscle gain.

Each training phase also required a unique nutritional approach and as he progressed through the plan we added in food accordingly to improve his training recovery and ability to develop his strength whilst getting leaner.

Monitoring and Accountability

This is an area where many transformations fall down. When you don’t measure, then inevitably you can’t manage progress. Whether this is tracking health, gym performance, nutrition and body shape changes, if you aren’t looking at this information then you are never going to be sure where you are moving forwards or stagnating and as such you will always be guessing what to do next!

It also allows us as coaches to assess your movements forwards, find action points that need more support and acknowledge success! I mean seriously, we are all so hard on ourselves and without actually appreciating how far you have come from time to time, the journey can become an endless uphill struggle!

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were being held accountable to your actions, discussing your obstacles each day, provided the tools to formulate a unique response to the challenges you face and the motivation to overcome anything in your way?

I have loved every minute of Aron’s journey and I truly cannot wait to see his long term progress!

I know how hard it can be to admit that you need support, finally put yourself first and actually believe in yourself to see success despite a crazy busy work schedule, growing a business, raising children, an active social life and backing yourself after years of falling short of your goals.
Not to mention the Indian lifestyle, culture and breaking the habits of a lifetime to finally move forwards and change your narrative once and for all.

In 2020 I have upped the ante with online coaching, hiring the best coaches in specialist areas, from Injury Rehab Specialists, Psychologists, a Dr of Cardiovascular Medicine, our resident Performance coach and a Nutritionist to help you achieve the results that have evaded you before.

As I said before health is a mindset and we cater for every potential struggle you will face to bullet proof your health, body and mind on the path to results that look great in the short term but truly last a lifetime!

This is the year that our team will make the greatest impact yet on our community, delivering incredible coaching to allow you to achieve the best results possible in a timely manner, whilst educating you to give you a sustainable approach to move forward in life with.

So if you want to follow in the footsteps of our clients incredible success, book in your call now
and let us get your journey underway!

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds