A simple practice to 10x your productivity and fulfilment!

There is a high probability that you are getting to the end of each day, week and month with a to do list of tasks that haven't been completed, regrets over things you haven't done for yourself or feelings of guilt for not spending time with the people you care for the most.

There is also a high probability that you are actually getting a lot done each day!

Although the things you are getting done aren't acknowledged.

I mean we have to do lists, but when do we ever really reflect on all the things we have done?

This creates an imbalance.

It also means we don't get the opportunity to reflect on things that we have done and consider:

❓ Was that something I needed to do?
❓ Is that something I could ask for support on?
❓ Is that a high priority task or a low priority task?
❓ Am I filling my day with tasks that are low priority and getting frustrated about the things that aren't getting done that will yield greater rewards in the long run?

Finding balance in the way you live your life and in the actions you take each day isn't a very marketable approach, it doesn't fill people with false hope and instant gratification, but if you commit to this, not only are you going to be more productive, you will be more content and happier too.

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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds