A success ritual that doesn't go out of fashion...

An incredible client of ours and a good friend stopped in for a chat (on Instagram of course).

The conversation started really simply, Dr Meenal, tell us a little about yourself and why we are here today.

The answer was pretty mind blowing when you take a step back.

David Goggins, sit down, we have a new inspiration in town!

There was one part of the conversation that has stuck with me and the simplicity of this action helped Meenal completely transform her health after giving birth during the pandemic, whilst she took the government to court over the handling of PPE for health professionals, dealt with the media barrage that ensued and adapted to the new normal just like all of us!

As we got onto, how we went about this process and how we made success a non negotiable, Meenal mentioned there were days that everything just got on top of her, small things like cooking a meal felt like climbing a mountain, going for a walk felt like running a marathon and making herself a priority felt like a distant dream.

On these days, she would employ a tactic that would take less than 30's.

As the thoughts would flood into her mind about why she should take it easy on herself, how difficult a task was or the fact she just felt tired and deserved a break, she would speak these thoughts out loud.

Through this small action, she was able to make the subconscious, conscious.

Making these thoughts obvious allowed her to distinguish between which thoughts were driven by emotion or a limiting belief about her potential versus a logical consideration.

For example, yes there were sleepless nights, early get ups for interviews and the fatigue that sets in from being in demand 24-7...

Emotionally driven thinking says, don't do anything right now, eat junk, move very little and reward yourself.

Logical thought process would say,  nourish your body with quality food, get some fresh air you need daylight, move your body you will benefit from it afterwards.

Through making the subconscious conscious, you get to choose your outcome, rather than be defined by your internal (beliefs) and external (society) environment.

Listen to our full conversation here!

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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds