Aman's Awesome Discovery Fat Loss in a Corporate World!

This is Aman and he is awesome.

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Having recently attended Las Vegas on yet another corporate trip, he shared this picture with the Private Facebook Super Group:

And here is what he had to say about it!

"So this picture was taken as I was on my last day in Vegas for a corporate event.

I did drink this and it was damn good!

You guys saw that I kept up my training out in Vegas and that was hard work to say the least.

I’ve learnt a lot about my will power and also my body on this trip. I am glad to say I’ve come back just 3lbs heavier but with limited muscle mass loss and a new found outlook on my abilities.

This trip was something I was dreading at first as I was worried about the amount of client meals and drinks I would have to attend and limited amount of time to be active as the event was full of sit down seminars and training.

I set myself a few goals and stuck by them.

1. Enjoy yourself! - Client meals can be difficult on a one off however, when it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and nights out. It brings a whole different thought process. This, coupled with the fact that I would probably never be able to afford the food we were having on a daily basis, I took this as an opportunity to enjoy the experience. I ate at some of the finest restaurant and enjoyed myself but, I dealt with this with my mind set.

2. REMAIN ACTIVE - My mindset was strong. I had to remain active. I challenged myself to average 15-18k steps a day (I actually got to 20-25k steps a day) and I aimed to hit macro goals where I could. I also managed to fit in two full sessions of high intensity resistance training. This for me was the key to keeping off any further weight gain.

3. The power of lean muscle tissue - Prior to this trip, I went to America on holiday and put on 11lbs which took me a hell of a long time to shift. Since that trip, Juggy and I have focused a lot on building lean muscle tissue and it paid dividends! By increasing that lean muscle tissue and learning how to increase output, I was able to fight off most of the weight gain.

4. Social pressure is real, when it comes to your job - it’s easy to say no I won’t drink, it’s easy to say I’m going to have a salad, however. It’s not easy to sit opposite someone you are trying to foster a relationship with and not be like them or worse, inadvertently offend them by making them feel bad about themselves. I found this very early on in my career. My role had changed to a senior role and I was having more and more client dinner with clients who didn’t understand weight loss and didn’t agree with the strict mentality I followed, this ultimately raised a barrier up and made it difficult to communicate. Juggy and I worked out a plan to help me with this and let’s just say, it’s been worth it’s weight in gold.

Ultimately, having a plan and the right mindset enabled me to

2. Foster better relationships with customers and colleagues
3. Make me feel more included, which resulted in greater happiness and ultimately resulted in better performance

Don’t beat yourself up when you have a bad meal or two, use it to beat up those weights!"

Aman has really impressed me with his ability to summarise the actions he took to ensure he limited the potential damage of a week away in Vegas!

He has learned a lot from working with me and has applied the Lean Indian Blueprint to amazing effects combined with the knowledge he has gained from our weekly coaching calls to remarkable effect!

Working in a corporate setting can be extremely difficult, yet with the right planning, education and application of the tools I provide, the potential to achieve your health and fitness goals are always within reach!

I have had a number of messages around my Lean Indian Academy Performance Membership! The Performance package will provide you with the tools you require to avoid the perils of high body fat poor health and low confidence.  You will learn the exact Lean Indian Blueprint that my clients follow to kick start your health and fitness goals!

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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds