​Build Bigger Arms Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Would you like to avoid years of wasted training and learn to optimise your results?

The chances are if you go to the gym, you want to see your body change and muscles develop. What is the point of all the sweat and effort if you don’t see the results?

If you want to be more productive in your sessions and build bigger triceps, avoid these 5 mistakes!

1.Stop doing skull crushers… IMMEDIATELY! While this exercise looks great, in reality the flexibility it requires is just not available to the vast majority of people! Use dumbells instead!

2.Find your range of motion. Your range of motion is specific to you! If you cannot feel your muscle activating before contracting, then you need to reassess the movement!

3.Unless your triceps need a lot of work, you will be using them frequently when performing most push movements (think bench, dumbbell or shoulder press), while I would still train them specifically, you will get to train them more frequently if you tag them onto push sessions!

4.Avoid allowing momentum to waste your time! One of the keys to hypertrophy (the growth of muscle) is maintaining tension within a muscle, remember, if you can’t control it, you may want to drop the weight a little or try training with tempo (slow down the eccentric/ negative and incorporate isometric contractions).

5.Ditch the weight! You will see and feel much better results when you really lock into movements. I love finding innovative ways to create as much stability in the body and truly isolating muscle groups!

Try this free tricep workout today! (Remember if you are not sure how to fuel your sessions or the best supplements to use, enter your email at the end of this article for a free guide)!

Order Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
1 Bench Supported Dual Cable Extension (Instagram Video) 10 12 4 2,1,0,2 90s
2a Close Grip Smith Machine Press 8 10 3 4,1,0,1 10s
2b Cable Rope Overhead Extension 12 15 3 2,1,0,2 90s

There is so much more to cover around training programmes and the reason certain exercises should be prioritised! If you liked this article and would like to see more content on training, please send me a message on the contact me page!

TRICEP VIDEO from Juggy Sidhu on Vimeo.

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds