Eliminate cravings and burn more body fat by eating more!

Is your weight loss diet leaving you hungry, craving foods and making you short tempered?

We all hear that losing weight means a strict diet, a gruelling training regime, cravings, hunger, binges and restriction. You may even have experienced this yourself! So why do some people just seem to find it easier than others to drop weight and progress?

There's a reason my clients succeed in losing weight and getting into the shape of their lives! Most of my clients ending up eating more food and training less when they're looking to lose weight!

Here is how:

🎯Food volume can play a key role in your success with losing weight! While the if it fits your macros (setting a calorie parameter and filling carb, protein and fat goals with foods) approach works, eating a jalebi is not going to be as filling as a bowl of rice and it certainly won't hold the same micronutrients and fibre! Stop food cravings by eating nutrient dense food!

🎯Finding a calorie deficit while eating a diet of protein, carbs and dietary fats will mean you lose weight without demonizing food groups! Most people cut carbs excessively only to crave and subsequently binge on them! It makes no sense to eliminate food groups entirely, each macronutrient will have a role in your performance, recovery and maintaining health. I would always recommend a client eat carbs, especially around their training!

🎯You will find as you get leaner your ability to tolerate carbs increases. A number of my clients have seen their carbs increase whilst losing body fat and increasing lean tissue. This is because we are fuelling performance in the gym and increasing lean tissue, observed through progression in lifts, circumference measurements and pictures. Don’t be afraid to test your parameters and find your maintenance calories, every now and then. Staying in a deficit for too long can make your training tedious and I often see a slump in performance when a client is in need of a break.

🎯Train efficiently! It's easier to train when you feel fuelled by a quality diet, rather than trying to outrun the 4 paranthe you had at your in laws! The time it takes to burn that number of calories will mean you are chasing your tail all week and making little progress! If you are able to find a more consistent pattern with your training, learn to allow for these added calories and spread the deficit over the week rather than punishing yourself by not eating much and trying to outwork the extra food in the gym, you will have a far more successful journey!

🎯Incorporate resistance training at least three times a week into your routine if possible! Training with weights will improve your metabolic rate, increase insulin sensitivity and your overall caloric output. It makes sense to challenge your muscles to maximise weight loss whilst increasing calorie intake! Make the most of every session by going into the gym with a plan, recording training sessions in a log book and trying to progress each week!

Do you think you would benefit from structuring your food and exercise routines in line with your goals? If you feel you are constantly losing then gaining weight, break the cycle! I have developed a free formula for starting your weight loss journey, the principles outlined in this guide are the basis of every plan I write for my clients! Fill in the form below with your name and email address and I will send out your free copy today!

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds