​Fat Loss Secret...?

So you have heard about the amazing diets available right now that will torch body fat?

You may have even purchased some of the supplements that have promised the same thing?

Well do you want to know the cold hard truth about the most amazing fat loss secret out there, that you can do… for free?!

Here goes…

When you are looking to lose body fat, there is an essential process occurring that nobody talks about!

The reason nobody talks about it?

They either haven’t heard of it or they are trying to sell you a plan that involves restricted calorie consumption with a fancy name!

The Fat Loss Enzyme

AMPK is an enzyme found in the cells of mammals (Herzig & Shaw, 2018). Its role is primarily to stimulate energy generating processes, like glucose uptake and breaking down fatty acids for fuel when under low energy (Bultot et al, 2012).

When AMPK levels rise, the synthesis of protein and fat decrease, which may make this a less than ideal environment for gaining muscle tissue and fat, but an essential piece of the puzzle for dropping body fat (Koo et al, 2005 and Gwinn et al. 2008)!

So what can we do that stimulates this little beauty of an enzyme?

Do you need to intermittent fast?

Is Keto the best way to get it firing?

Do you need to eat like our forefathers and move into a Palaeolithic era of nutrition?

No. It is way simpler than that.

Exercise and eat in a calorie deficit.

When a cells energy supply begins to decrease, lets say after a bout of exercise or after a consistent calorie deficit, cells will take an emergency approach to restore their energy supply (Hardie & Ashford, 2014).

They do this through activating alternative energy producing pathways or turning existing macro molecules into nutrients (Ahmadian et al. 2011).

You read that right!

If you go into a calorie deficit and exercise a little more your body will become more efficient at turning existing structures into useable forms of energy!

So, in essence, eat less and move more?

Correct, but don’t do what other people do and take it to the extremes!

If you are in a calorie deficit of 10%, retain this calorie deficit to see the results you are looking for, until the results stop, then review your intake and activity levels! Don’t fall into the trap of going into a 60% calorie deficit, feeling terrible, getting ill and losing motivation because you are so damn hungry!

If you are in a calorie deficit and exercising, you are doing enough! Don’t fall into the trap of then punishing yourself further by going into a highly restrictive style of dieting. You don’t need feeding windows, to cut out entire food groups or to put a block on eating your favourite foods!

Keep it simple and see results!


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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds