How to handle setbacks this week...

Let's be real here and get straight into it. We will experience a setback this week and the way we react to it will impact our chances of success.

For arguments sake, Gurpreet is looking to lose body fat and tone up. He isn't interested in 6 pack abs or a beach body, but he knows he needs to make some serious lifestyle changes before his health is impacted forever.

On Monday he begins the day well, he has planned out what he will be eating and he has looked over the week to see which days he can afford to spend time training.

Monday evening prepares a few meals for the week to give him time back and he is feel very happy with his choices and he knows on Tuesday he will be training in the evening to kickstart his health journey.

All is going to plan and then on Tuesday afternoon he gets a call, lockdown rules are easing and the family want to come over.

If Gurpreet had known, he would have got up half an hour earlier and trained.

He doesn't want to say no because he can't wait to see them, but he knows that the rest of the week and weekend is far too busy to fit in more sessions so it looks like the whole week has gone off plan.

This type of perceived setback will come up all the time in a journey to self improvement, it could be family wanting to meet up, work meetings or projects running over or a bad nights sleep, the list is endless.

What Gurpreet does next will define his success for the week.

Should he go into a slump and think, everytime I try and do something for myself, I hit a wall, so what's the point! May as well binge this evening because we know the family aren't coming empty handed and I may as well start next week now because I can't double up on training and fit it in another day.

Or should he look for the opportunity in the situation? Could he ask the family what they are bringing over later, prepare a little food for their arrival that aligns to his goals and mindfully partake in the food so they don't feel offended?

Could he acknowledge the positives in eating far more mindfully for 7 days and understand one evening if things aren't perfect if won't derail his long term ambitions? Could he be proud of himself for getting 2 sessions completed instead of zero!

It is this defining moment that will either leave him feeling like a victim to the situation and not enjoying the family time in front of him or being present in the moment and realising the shifts he was making for his health are for a lifetime, not just a week.

This is what happens when you take responsibility of the situation, understand the locus of control you have will always be from within and avoid looking outwardly.

Moving away from a victim mentality of blame, shame and guilt won't happen overnight, it is something that you will need to spend time recognising patterns of before truly conquering it, but the moment you recognise it, you can take control!

Now that is how we handle setbacks!

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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds