Rapid Fat Loss?

Rapid fat loss...


Rapid health loss?

This is the story of a client who has yo-yo dieted for a long time, struggled to really understand her body and as a result:

  • suffered from migraines that didn't seem to go away
  • had countless injuries in her attempt to train and lose weight
  • had digestive problems that put her off most foods
  • ultimately ended up in a worse position than she started in

But this is also the story of a client who didn't give up on her goals because of the setbacks and sought out the help and support that would truly push her forward in her journey.

This is also the story of a client who has positioned her health and body to achieve the rapid fat loss she set out to achieve!

Let Us look at some areas of her case study and provide more context...

When she began with us she started tracking some of the markers of health that we look for in clients.

As you can see, she had a VERY high resting heart rate (optimal health we are aiming for 60 and below).

Her fasted blood glucose was north of 6mmol and often closer to 7mmol which is an early indicator of type 2 diabetes (usually confirmed by a HBA1c check via a blood test).

Her stress was high and sleep was negatively impacted with only 4 hours per night being the norm.

With constant digestive distress, regular visits to the bathroom and always having loose stool, you could say she wasn't really getting the most out of the foods she was eating and this was clearly impacting her health and recovery from the intense training sessions she had undergone prior to our intervention.

Check out this chart, it kind of puts into perspective how much she was struggling with digestion:

Whilst rapid fat loss was her goal, it would have been negligent to ignore the signs of being overly stressed, under recovered and closer to disease than merely feeling out of sorts.

In fact ignoring these issues were only going to make her goal harder to attain, because if you are constantly feeling tired, overwhelmed, struggling with day to day tasks and burned out, how are you ever going to be able to have the physical or mental capacity to take on lessons around nutrition, perform during training and recover?

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see with people trying to achieve a goal, not truly recognising where they are mentally, physically or physiologically at and as a giving up because they are trying to do way too much at once.

Of course you can push your body, you can keep pushing it and it will hold up, because it is resilient, but at some point it will let you know how unhappy it is, maybe Type 2 Diabetes, a form of cardiovascular disease, an injury or an intangible pain or fog that you can't decipher.

In our clients first phase, we focused heavily on getting her to recognise which foods were negatively impacting her, asking questions after meals to decipher if there was an underlying cause.

We got her focused on practicing pre bed rituals, getting into habits around eating times and environments along with recruiting some incredible stress management techniques.

Whilst this sounds very simple, these principles had a very positive impact immediately and gave her the ability to go and train, perform better in each session and recover even harder than she trained.

Going from constantly being worried about digestion issues after eating to being able to eat almost every meal with no negative impact really does inspire confidence and improve performance and recovery too!

You may be thinking that all that happened in her time was an improvement in health. But for a woman who had spent years worth of time, money and energy to barely lose a few kg, the way her body responded to the training, rituals and focus on health was incredible.

How would you feel about losing a stone in 6 weeks?

Its possible, but as ever good things require work, discipline and adherence. Lucking she is the model client and has taken to every aspect of what we have programmed for her like a duck to water!

The best thing about this is now that her body is in a better position, she is recovering better, feeling more energetic, stronger and confident... now we can start adding in more intense work to her training and watch her truly transform!

I hope you are with us in applauding her discipline and hard work to date!

We will be opening limited spaces for coaching and unlike any other coaching service available, you get the best of our entire team of nutritionists, performance coaches and Dr's of cardiovascular health and psychologists.

We cover all bases because you are more than calories and macros, you are a unique individual that requires bespoke programming and support.

To learn more about 121 coaching with us, click here and we will send over the information you need right now to get the process started!

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds