The Bro Split Vs an Optimal Training Plan

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The chances are that when you began your journey in the gym you went one of two ways.

Either all in on cardio or the 'bro split' outlined on the left column above.

Training muscle groups infrequently, training muscle groups to failure (often resulting in injury through poor technique as you edge to failure) and missing muscle groups entirely on the days life takes over (or lets face it, you just didn't fancy the 4th, 5th and 6th day of training that week)!

If you want to optimise your training for greater gains in lean muscle, try to train your muscle groups more frequently!

You may train them with slightly less sets per session then you would if you did a whole session on them (potentially performing 3-6 sets on a muscle per session rather than 12-15 sets in one session), but there are multiple benefits for doing this that are far better for you long term than the tradition bro split:

🔸 Increased training exposure to muscle groups, i.e. training them more frequently, means you will stimulate muscle protein synthesis within these muscle groups more frequently and if you spend enough time recovering between sessions, this can be powerful your ability to gain muscle!

🔸You can train muscle groups with different rep ranges within a week, taking a muscle to failure with heavy strength work in session 1 and in session 2, using lower to moderate rep ranges.When we train, we aren't chasing muscle soreness, we want to do just enough to stimulate a response that the body can adapt to. The chances are, with your lifestyle and nutrition, you just aren't set up right now to recover from 15 sets on one muscle per session, but you may be able to recover from 15 sets split over multiple sessions per week!

🔸 Greater prioritisation of muscle groups that need attention. Most of you beginning your journey will need to focus on muscles in your back and rear delts, increasing mobility in front facing muscles (chest, shoulders, quads) and strengthening your core (lower abs and hip flexors), this split gives you an opportunity to work on these muscles more frequently.

🔸 You limit overlap between exercises, essentially giving you greater rest on muscles that you have trained in previous sessions, most pushing muscles will be 'stretched' (eccentrically loaded) in push sessions (think triceps stretching as you perform bicep curls).
🔸This type of split can make it far more effective when programming exercises like drop sets, giant sets, 1 and 1/2 rep sets and mechanical advantage sets (these are a thing of beauty that only a few of you will know about right now). By being able to do more work, in a short space of time, you are increasing the density of your training and thus impacting your ability to lose body fat quicker!

Now you know why you should do these types of session, how about a glimpse at a Whole Body Push/ Pull routine? I have attached one at the end of the article, but firstly...

How do we know it works?

Let us look at Dhillen's case study!

After training and struggling to see results, Dhilen reached out for some support. One of the biggest changes he noted was a change in training style, partnering this with a new optimal nutritional intake, relevant changes to lifestyle and a focus on improving digestive health, Dhilen went from strength to strength with his transformation!

Going from a traditional bro split, training muscle groups once per week and often missing sessions left him with limited development and struggling to see improvements from the training he did.

Reducing the amount he trained each week and focusing on quality of movement, increased frequency of training muscle groups and enhancing his form through constant video feedback as part of his coaching program, his results in the first 3 months with us have been outstanding!

Dhilen has recommended our coaching to his friends and family and here is what he had to say:

"I followed Juggy on social media for a while before contacting him.

I was so impressed with the way he helped his clients, something that transcender mere calories, macros and training.

I had a number of problems I was struggling with and was fed up of having gut health issues, feeling skinny fat and never achieving my goals.

Juggy introduced me to the idea of tracking health markers and explained to me the considerable impact they can have in achieving body compositioon goals.

At first this was new to me, but Juggy took the time to explain all the information and I found it crazy how he could tell when I was over doing it or feeling run down just through the numbers I was providing him.

Within a month I felt completely different, after 3 months I looked like a new man!

Now people are always complimenting my physique and my confidence has grown so much. I really couldn't have done this without Juggy's help!"

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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds