The most common cause of unhappiness and one easy step to fix it!

The most common cause of unhappiness...

I am going to get my rebuttal for any naysayers in nice and early here.

Of course happiness is a state of mind that cannot be determined by a single flick of a switch. Happiness is the sum of many moving parts.

You can be exceptionally happy in some areas of life and devastatingly worried about others.

Something to note here, we are geared to focus on worries, fears and areas of life that make us unhappy.

Instinctively, these are the areas that offer the greatest threat to our survival and as such the stress response can drive behaviours.

From poor sleep, impaired digestion, increased muscle wastage, sedentary behaviours, reward eating and in turn body fat gain.

It is natural to overestimate an area of life that causes distress and underestimate the value of the areas of life that we are happy and content.

It is normal to hear people say:

"I had a stressful one."

"I had an awful day."

"I had a terrible week."

The list could go on...

We need to start challenging this way of thinking.

Not every moment of every day was stressful, awful or terrible.  In fact if we were to audit every moment of every day and develop a hyper aware state for the good, then there is a strong likelihood that sooner, rather than later you will start to feel happier and stay happier!

I encourage you to do this, 

I don't need you to stop every moment of today, but I would like you to consider doing this... 

At a time that is convenient to you, draw attention to one thing, person or memory that brings you joy.

Relive a single moment that you spent with a loved one, a memory of a holiday or even the moment you found out you were getting that Lego set on your 8th birthday!

Do this for 30 second to a minute, just once a day (programme this into your diary otherwise it will slip away).

I look forward to hearing your feedback soon!

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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds