The single most important step if you wish to transform from within...

To transform from within...

Where do we begin?

Is it a nutritional strategy?

Maybe we need to go deep around mindset first?

How about an epic workout that will get the heart rate up and help you feel fitter?

In my experience, the best transformations of all don't come from a perfect strategy around nutrition, exercise or mindset changes to begin with.

The best transformations begin with one very important step and this is the step that separates the true greats from the also rans...

The best transformations begin with accepting vulnerability is the key to progression.

I remember the first time I reached out to a mentor, inside I had no idea what to expect or what would be discussed. I didn't actually have a clear idea of where I wanted to get to with his support either, but I could see that it didn't make sense to keep trying to break all the doors down by myself when someone had already done all these things and was offering the support to get me from point A to point B quicker than I could have imagined.

The initial conversation was great, but I kept my guard up and didn't want to show what I perceived as weakness.

Let's face it, from a young age we have been taught that we need to just get on with things and we are lucky to be where we are in the first place, to expect more and ask for more goes against the grain.

An hour into the conversation with him, I could see I had nowhere else to hide, he was asking me the questions that were beginning to expose the real areas I struggled with the most and I felt ashamed that I didn't have the solutions and suddenly emotional as I realised that I had been shielding myself from the reality of the situation to remain comfortable for quite some time.

An hour and 5 mins later, I broke it all down, shared it with him and got incredibly emotional.

I also realised that I knew these areas of my approach to life and inner beliefs had been bugging me for a long while, which meant that I had in fact just wasted 65 mins of my life, hiding these realities for the sake of what?

Misplaced pride?

This happens every week with new people I speak with, consultations we hold and the conversations we have.

It feels so difficult to be vulnerable, but where you are you can get to the nitty gritty of what is really holding you back from true success.

Eventually we get these vulnerabilities to the surface so that we can manage them, but often people have waited years if not decades before opening up and sharing them.

My honest advice for everyone reading this is, know that to progress, you need to open up.

Know that you aren't meant to hold all the answers.

Know that by not opening up and reaching out for support, you are containing your potential.

Know that you therefore hold the keys to your next level of growth and success and it all starts with simply being human, recognising where you feel uncomfortable or unhappy and speaking without fear about the direction you would like to head in.

If you can reflect on this tonight or first thing tomorrow, then take stock of your days and weeks, by next weekend you will know exactly where you want to adapt and who you need to speak to in order to make the relevant changes in life that will augment your capabilities and help you break out of the cycle forever.

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Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds