The weekend weight gain cycle and how to break it!

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Friday night, the week has been long, eventful and all consuming.

Finally, a moment to relax, a moment to yourself to saviour.

The latest Netflix series goes on, a little comfort food and even a glass of wine appears.

The nagging thought right at the back of your mind... "You are meant to be losing weight right now, this isn't going to help..."

That thought is easily repressed amid the considerations that... "Actually, I deserve this."

Unfortunately 10 minutes after the comfort has been experienced, the original thought comes back with a vengeance and now it is tied into feelings of guilt and failure.

The judgement that ensues is difficult to handle.

It is difficult to disassociate the most recent failure from the 5, 10 or 20 previous attempts to transform your health and it sends you into a spiral for a few days.

The judgemental thoughts and the inner monologue lack compassion.

They lack true context and the unhelpful thoughts actually develop an environemnt that makes you more likely to fail again when you start on Monday.

If we observe, rather than judge, we are able to make the subconscious, conscious.

We are able to see what we really crave beyond the instant gratification of food, wine and TV.

For every individual the true craving will be different, connection, escape, experiences, a clearing of the mind...

We will never be able to bring this to the fore without self reflection.

We will never be able to undergo self reflection without compassion.

We will never have compassion in the presence of judgement.

Break the cycle this evening and ask yourself what you are really yearning for!

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds