Vegetarian Nutrition- 10 Steps to Reducing Bloating & Digestive Distress

Is your vegetarian diet causing you to suffer from bloating or gas?

To help them improve you gut health, reduce digestive distress and improve energy levels, I have developed a 10 step process to alleviate painful gut health issues, bloating, water retention and embarrassing gas!

10 Steps to Try Today!

  1. Additional gut health support from ‘Juggy Juice’.
  2. Ensure grains and beans are soaked and cooked thoroughly to avoid issues around fermentation.
  3. Significantly increase daily water.
  4. Reduce fibrous vegetable, opt for leafy green salads.
  5. Avoid inflammatory vegetables, excessive garlic and onion can lead to discomfort, replace with garlic or onion infused oils instead.
  6. Support the breakdown of your dietary fats and protein with a quality digestive enzyme.
  7. Incorporate a quality probiotic supplement to aid the digestion of your protein intake, which is going to be higher than average for anyone looking to change their body shape.
  8. Avoid the trap of eating faux meats with each meal! Elevated sodium in these products can lead to water retention.
  9. Learn to read the symptoms of bloating and keep a log to see specifically when it occurs in the day, if it is related to specific foods, initially eliminating them to assess your bodies response is a sensible approach.
  10. The biggest step you can take today and by far the simplest... EAT SLOWER! Chewing your food is an essential stage in digestion and it is the one that is most commonly overlooked.  With a busy schedule, stressful lifestyles and tasty food available, chewing and savouring food is the biggest step you can take to reducing bloating!

If you do supplement your protein intake with a supplement, ensure you use a product that is highly digestible and provides a full spectrum of amino acids! I recommend the Reflex Nutrition Vegan Protein!

Did this help? Click HERE with any questions you have on vegetarian nutrition for your health, fat loss and muscle building goals!

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds