Andy Creed

Andy is a fitness and health coach based in the Leicester with over 15 years experience in coaching.  His key skills include sports specific training, nutritional guidance and body composition transformations underpinned by a health focus and education.  

During his time at the University of Leicester where he is based, he has coached and developed student teams and athletes to great success even leading some of his clients to world and European Championships. 

Andy delivers educational and performance based content via classroom based seminars on numerous topics to help the users of the gym develop their understanding of training and nutrition.

Within his local community of Leicester he has delivered amazing body transformation results with a lot of his Asian Clientele. Within the Asian culture the dietary habits he can be a stumbling block for many, however, with Andy's background and experience he is able to guide clients to success.

Andy's values and shared principles with Juggy on education, health and helping clients achieve long term success are the main reasons Andy was recruited to the team.  His enjoyment of the coaching journey and passion to see clients learn, grow and develop are what sets him apart from others.

Andy consistently strives to further his knowledge and education in the fitness field. This was inspired from his time at Loughborough University where they instil a winning mentality into their students and the ability to look to improve on their performance. In the up and coming months Andy will be traveling around the UK and Europe attending seminars and workshops to enhance the tools and skills he has at his disposal to use with his clients.

Andy is constantly growing as a coach knowledge to help clients improve at a quicker and more effective rate. Here are just a sample of the courses Andy has worked on to become the coach he us today:

  • ACA -Advanced Coaching Academy
  • Applied Nutrition - Basic course
  • Advanced Core Programme Design
  • Ben Pakulski - physique camp
  • BTN -foundation nutrition academy
  • BTN - The Academy Nutrition
  • BTN -Conference
  • Ben Coomber - Female Training strategies
  • Hamstring -injury and prevention strategies
  • Fat Loss Summit
  • Integra Exercise Foundation Workshop
  • Kettlebell Trainer
  • Lift the Bar Mentorship
  • M10- physique Camp
  • Mountain Dog Diet
  • Musclenerds – Foundations Course
  • Olympic Lifting Course
  • Online Coaching Blueprint
  • Online Coaching Summit
  • Phil Learney - Advanced Nutritional strategies, Contest Prep, Fat loss Seminar, Hypertrophy Strategies, business strategies
  • PCOS - strategies
  • Propane Fitness - Powerlifting Workshop
  • Sports Nutrition Live - 2015-2016
  • Sports Nutrition Course for Beginners
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Vince Del Monte - 3 day Muscle Camp and Mentorship

It is fair to say, you can expect exceptional results and coaching with Andy!

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