Chris Lawton

I am a passionate and enthusiastic coach with a health focused approach to coaching.

I strive to create an environment where success is inevitable, by providing the support and guidance necessary whilst instilling the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

I am particularly interested in all things hypertrophy, and how muscle can not only improve physiques but also our quality and longevity of life.

Having worked with a range of people, from those just looking to improve their health and physique to competitive bodybuilders and semi-professional athletes. I have the ability to take advanced training, nutrition and lifestyle principles and apply them at the appropriate level in order to produce results.

What we do outside of the gym largely dictates what we can do in the gym, this is why I always focus on managing and improving as many variables as possible to accelerate progress.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals!


  • ● Afn Applied Nutrition and Supplementation
  • ● Muscle Nerds Program Design
  • ● Muscle Nerds Foundational Nutrition Course
  • ● Joel Jamiesons Certified Conditioning Coach
  • ● Dr. Ben House’ Beginner's Mind Online Mentorship
  • ● Nick Daniels Fitness Rebels Mentorship
  • ● Brad Schroenfeld Hypertrophy Seminar
  • ● Mark Coles Practical Camp and Physique Seminar
  • ● Broderick Chavez Physique Prep Seminar
  • ● The Musclementors Education Camps (Theory & Practical)
  • ● JPS Online Hypertrophy Summit 

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