Dr Harbinder Sandhu, DHealthPsy, C.Psychol, AFBPsS

I am a Registered Practitioner Health Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council. It is an honour to collaborate with the LIA. As a psychologist within the team, the aim is to work on the psychological aspects of health, wellbeing and achieving fitness goals. This includes understanding what drives your motivations, values, attitudes and habits and looking beyond the physical aspects for potential barriers and challenges and learning strategies to overcome these to achieve success. Common setbacks for example in achieving goals include stress (due to various reasons), eating behaviours, anxiety, fear, frustrations, mood, habitual behaviours, unhelpful thoughts and low confidence. Therapeutic modalities I apply include cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and behaviour change all within a framework of the mind-body link!

I specialise in behaviour change applied to a range of settings and health conditions. I have over ten years’ experience of working with patients with long term health conditions (primarily long term pain) and work within a self-management framework to help people adapt their lifestyles and achieve a quality of life despite their pain. I have always had an interest in sport, health and fitness and applying the principles of psychology to help people achieve the best they can be. I have worked with people with sports injury, applying psychological techniques in rehabilitation as well as with athletes (individuals, teams and coaches) in various sports such as Archery and professional cycling applying psychological techniques in training and competition.

Alongside my applied work I am an Associate Professor, leading and collaborating on a range of clinical trials and research projects in health care. I have published in leading academic journals, presented at national and international conferences and am involved in a range of media work providing expert opinion and discussing research. Overall my clinical and applied work are grounded in evidence and continuous professional development.

Clinical practice: Health Psychology Services Ltd


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