Stacie Hargrave

I’ve always been active, and have also always had a passion for learning (and for the sciences in particular). I began my studies with a Bachelor in Forensic Science, before moving into an Honours degree in Molecular Biology. It was not long after this that I first joined a gym and became interested in strength and physique training. During what was quite a difficult time in my life, training became something that I could focus on that was just for me. It became a lifeline, and I suppose it’s no surprise that my passion for science and learning would mesh with my growing passion for health and fitness!

From the get go, I became very frustrated with the level of misinformation present in the ‘health and fitness’ industry. Inverted commas because it seemed to me at that time that a lot of the information being presented to people wasn’t conducive to either health or fitness! This is what first prompted me to get involved in the industry myself – the desire to use my background and my passion for understanding to help cut through a lot of the rubbish in the industry and bring people accurate, helpful guidance.

From there I became qualified in both nutrition and personal training, and have since been doing my best to continuously develop and grow as a coach. I am passionate about two main things in this industry:

  1. Getting people results that don’t come at the expense of their health and well-being
  2. Showing people that it doesn’t have to be intimidating! Everyone starts somewhere and with the right guidance and the right attitude you absolutely can achieve your goals, no matter where you’re starting from.

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