Jags 28lb Vegetarian Fat Loss Transformation

Do you want to know how I helped Jag lose 28lbs of body fat in 8 weeks? Like many vegetarians he had been told the same old myths...

  • Vegetarians cannot build muscle.
  • Vegetarians struggle to lose fat.
  • Vegetarians cannot eat enough protein.
  • Vegetarians are too deficient in vitamins and minerals to be healthy.

Time to dispel those myths with an honest account of how we got Jag so lean!

Starting with Jags diet, he was eating linda mccartney meat alternatives, quorn products with most meals and relying on supplements for protein. This had to change! His stomach was a mess, suffering from bloating, indigestion and gas and he was not seeing the progress he should have seen, given the amount of training he was doing!

I set his plan up based on whole foods, deriving protein from sources such as dairy, nuts, seeds, pulses and beans. While some of these protein sources came with additional dietary fats (think nuts and seeds) and carbohydrates (think beans and pulses), these were timed throughout the day to optimise his training and recovery.

The nutrition plan itself did not eliminate any macronutrients and kept him feeling full and happy through the process! As he got leaner, he realised his performance in the gym was beginning to suffer. I added in some intra workout carbohydrates to aid his performance whilst training (check out at Reflex Nutrition Edge Carb Powder). There were a few other staple supplements I included throughout his journey, see them listed below:

I am a big believer of ensuring the intensity and performance in training does not drop whilst in a calorie deficit. Jag was provided with a series of exercise execution videos (available to my online coaching clients). Initially this saw a dramatic drop in the weights being lifted, as the focus shifted towards creating tension and overloading it with appropriate weight and technique. Like so many others, Jag suddenly felt the muscle group he was meant to be working and started to see some incredible development (he felt muscles developing in his upper chest that he never had before).

Considering the initial 8 weeks was phase 1 of his transformation, I am looking forward to seeing him progress through the year! Track his progress on Instagram. Take a minute to check out some of the other guys who have used my coaching systems to achieve incredible results.

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds