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What is online coaching? 

Will it work for me?

This is one of the most common questions I receive from people looking to undertake a journey to better health, an improved body shape and ultimately, although most don’t like to say it, better confidence.

Can you imagine a healthier, fitter, more positive you? Someone that looks at every obstacle as a unique opportunity to grow and develop?

Can you imagine a more productive, energetic and happier you?

Can you imagine how these incredible traits will underpin incredible advancements in your lifestyle, career and with your family?

Have you noticed that we haven’t even touched on nutrition, training, supplementation and lifestyle plans like every other coaching team out there trying to sell the plans as though they are the be-all and end-all?

One of the biggest things that sets our coaching apart is that those things are a given. Imagine you were about to buy a brand new car and a salesman tries to tell you that you will get wheels, an engine and doors… You would look blankly at them and maybe even question their sanity!

What we offer as standard goes way beyond the car itself. After a decade of coaching clients, I recognised consistent themes that were really holding people back from true success.

I have outlined these in the3 P’sof our approach to coaching:

  • Physiological 
  • Physical 
  • Psychological

Physiologically, if our bodies are under immense stress, if they are not digesting foods, assimilating nutrients and turning these foods into useable forms of energy, then you are already on the back foot. We coach you to understand how this can be assessed and fixed through our individual specific coaching.

Physically, we help you prepare your bodies for greatness. Not only do we have a coach dedicated to developing progressive programs that work on your cardiovascular ability, strength and posture, we also have a dedicated injury rehabilitation specialist that will aid you through any movement problems, pain management and building a bulletproof body to avoid injury altogether.

Psychologically, we support the mindset that is required to overcome any of those inner fears of failures, the stress that we endure everyday and structure a program to help you eradicate the feeling of overwhelm that stops you taking action each day.  We want you to have a mindset that allows you to see solutions rather than obstacles and push you through even the most difficult of times to allow you to achieve success in the goals that you set. Of course, some of these blocks to progress can go a little deeper, so we have partnered the best Asian Psychology team in the UK, both of whom are Associate Professors at the prestigious Warwick University and have helped thousands of people in their combined 20 years in practice.

When you achieve mastery over the 3 P’s you achieve a result that lasts a lifetime, you become the role model in your community and you inspire those around you to unstoppable success!

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