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Lean Indian Academy Membership

Mastery with Coach Bal Sidhu

Elite with Coach Juggy Sidhu


Lean Indian Academy Membership

Mastery with Coach Bal Sidhu

Elite with Coach Juggy Sidhu

​Unlimited Access to the Academy Members Area (July 1st)

A unique way for you as an Indian to work with me to develop an unstoppable structure to ensure you achieve incredible results with daily support along the way!

You will learn the 5 steps that you will need to apply to get leaner and live a happier, healthier, more confident life!

Personal Members Area

You will have access to a private members area allowing us to closely monitor your progress with each check in, review obstacles you have faced and amend your plans accordingly!

​Private Facebook Group

Have you ever heard the phrase, you become who you associate with? Well, as a member of the private Facebook group you will benefit from the incredible energy and support of high achievers and academy members who are working towards a similar goal! With awesome recipe ideas, training tips and inspiration from the academy, motivating you as you work towards achieving your goals!

​Lean Indian Blueprint, Nutrition, Training and Supplementation

Revolutionise your eating habits, unlike other diets that expect you to plan your life around your diet, I help you to learn how to embrace your cultural foods, traditions and social occasions and incorporate your food into a routine that suits you!

You will be provided with custom training programmes designed specifically to your abilities, goals and time restraints!

Learn how to optimise your health, productivity and wellness with natural supplementation that augments your results!

Mastery Calls

You will have direct access to me where I will inspire, motivate and educate you to results. This fortnightly call will provide you with the opportunity to review your personal plans, assess progress and a platform for you to ask any questions to take your knowledge and body to the next level! Mastery calls ensure you are never alone in this journey and you always have a strong support network to keep you motivated and inspired to be the best you!

Elite Power Call

Ensure that you succeed with your plan! My successful clients say the one to one calls each week are the reason they achieve their goals and stay focused, motivated and grow from this journey. As an elite member of the academy, you are invited to an exclusive one to one training session every month where will your training ability will be transformed.

One to One

You will be invited to train with me to revolutionise your training capabilities to allow you to reach your full potential.  My clients leave each session feeling invigorated and confident, empowered with the knowledge of how to perform exercises in relation to their unique biomechanics and capabilities.




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