The trick to overcoming obstacles willingly is...

Your perception!

Jaicob, my 5 year old remarked on how small the slide at the local park seemed.

The same slide that at one point he would ask me to hold his hand on as he slid down.

The same slide that after he had gotten over the initial fear of going alone, he would ask me stay at the bottom so he wouldn't slide off the end.

That slide... now seems so small...

It is incredible how much our perceptions can change as we evolve.

It made me question which slides I am currently facing, which ones seem so large I am fearful of taking the journey, which ones am I relying on others to support me through and which ones now look tiny in comparison!

I know its late, I know it's Sunday and it would be far easier to chill out in front of the TV and make the most of relaxing during the final few hours of the weekend...

But it is the thoughts that we consider today, the plans we put in place and the actions that we take in this moment that will shape the success of the week ahead!

When you are considering your slides, make sure you take a moment to acknowledge the ones you are winning at! There is a good chance that you have been putting in a lot of consistent work over time to make these slides feel like second nature.

Take notice of your perceptions of each challenge you face, there is a good chance they are going to help you evolve quicker than you could imagine!

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Grab Your FREE 5 Step Formula To Losing Your First 10 Pounds