Ruby Cherie

Hey there, I'm Ruby. I love Coffee, food, lifting things, learning things, doing things and LOVE a good night sleep.

MENTAL FITNESS has a massive impact on your health and fitness journey!

I help YOU overcome your limiting beliefs and biggest fears, so you can step into your greatest potential so you can develop the best relationship, that you can, with yourself - so you feel EMPOWERED to step out into the world and start achieving all of the things you always dreamt of - physically, mentally, financially, in relationships.... and anything else that is going on in your life.

I am a big believer in transforming your life through focusing greater attention on the health triad of physical, physiological and psychological wellness. Whilst we may begin with the notion of improving how we look, how we feel will have a greater impact on our journey to long term success, productivity and happiness!

My mission is to help you gain confidence, embrace you body, change your relationship with food, and develop a mind and body you can be truly proud of. I am committed to helping you reach your goals, feel your best and reach peak performance!


  • Body Optimisation and Strength Specialist
  • Elite Transformation Specialist
  • Sports & Performance Nutritionist
  • Coaching & Mentoring – Empowering minds and bodies
  • Musclenerds Program Design

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